January 13, 2011


Yet another post that is Feri related, but not Feri specific.  Before I begin, I want everyone to know that this post is basically how I currently feel about the topic and that this isn’t a direct transmission from my teachers.  I promise to get back to core topics very soon.

It seems to me that the trouble within the United States is echoed in the troubles that face Feri.  I am speaking of the deep divide in our country and now in Feri.  We have pundits on all sides whipping up our sentiments and throwing cheap shots.  There are many diverse issues facing us, far too many to tackle in one post.  But the focus of this post is on the common thread of danger.

Here are just a few examples:
  • The sexual tradition is dangerous.
  • Initiatory training is dangerous.
  • Distance training is dangerous.
  • Online presence is dangerous.
  • Exchange of money is dangerous.

I could go on and on.  And you know, it’s all true.  But here’s the really hard part.  There is no real protection against danger.  The Craft is dangerous, period.  There are the real and practical dangers, and there are the fantastical ones.  Anyone coming into the Craft must know this first.  If you are a candidate for training, then you are in danger.  And you are in far greater danger of losing your job than in going mad.  The danger is more pervasive than going mad.   Danger is cheap, it lies everywhere like dust in Kansas.  What’s expensive is risk. 

No risk, no glory.  If you want this, you must accept the very real risks.  If you add your name to ours, you must accept the risk of being identified.  If you write about it, you must accept the risk of being read by just about anybody.  If you meet with us, you must accept the risk that some of us are unpleasant.  If you teach it, you must accept the risk of having your student become unstable.  If you go down the deep well, you must accept the risk of not coming back. And with risk follows accountability, another risk.

The question isn’t whether or not the Craft is dangerous, but is it worth it?  Is it worth the danger?  Are you willing to own the risks and be accountable for the danger you face?

I have many good things in my life; I am fortunate.  But all the great things in my life are dangerous.  I fell in love, which is dangerous.  I have two children, that is dangerous.  I have students and initiates and that too is dangerous.  I had a job that was dangerous to the extent that I had to sign a waiver saying I understood that if taken hostage, they would not negotiate for my release.  In all of these risks I have found great reward.

That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take certain precautions or safety measures, that’s just stupid.  Each priest is honor bound to take certain reasonable precautions in all matters regarding not just a student, but to other initiates as well.  We can all stand to take a stronger look at that.  But we just can’t guarantee your safety because that safety doesn’t exist.

I for one want to accept those risks.  I accept that some members of my family are uncomfortable around me.  I accept that this blog might be misunderstood and badly used.  I accept that my next dance might seem ridiculous.  I accept that my disagreements over Feri might cost me friends and lose some respect.  And I accept the risks to win that back.  I accept, I accept, I accept.


  1. amen, sista! no risk, no reward.

  2. This is pretty great, Anaar. :-)

  3. Life is dangerous...Why the hell are we here in this dangerous existance? You are correct to say that it mirrors what's going on in our country. People these days are looking to be safe. We come into this world blindly, one of the most disabled creatures to handle a dangerous world. And, hopefully go out more enlightened by the experience of what we learned, saw, accomplished, impacted, etc...This is a reason I am Feri. I walk through the danger with better understanding, and see it pass by me...sometimes with great relief!

    Seeing the things that have gone on in the Feri community, or if you wish, Faery community, it baffles me. Change will happen. As in the USofA, we have our constitution. In Feri/Faery we have our core from the Anderson's. It has changed, but the core has remained pretty much the same. Differring lines doing different things around that core teaching(s) that Victor and Cora presented, to the new techno ways of sharing the teachings of Feri, and whether it is a thing to make a living off of. Feri is...Facing Gods and interacting with Them, and not through your local priest or church. Dealing with things most would run screaming from. Feri is...Dangerous? Ah, we could all burn in hell for eternity!

  4. oh thank you for these wise and risky words!!!!!!

  5. Yeah, it's worth the crapola. :)

    It's almost like 'danger' could be a point on one of them 'pentacles'. What would be the Pentacle of Danger, and what would be its flipside, the Pentacle of Risk?

    But it's not that intellectual, is it. It's 24/7, it's in the tummy, it's still awake at 3:33 a.m. I feel it's worth it, it rings true when I do it. No worries!

    - diana

  6. Well said.

    I think the difference between recklessness and well-considered risk is somewhat subjective -- similarly the difference between well-considered risk and overcaution. Perhaps the discussion can focus on how to manage risk rather than on how to eliminate it.

  7. I'm tired, so this is a much condensed post from what I might have said (which may be just as well.).

    I was thinking about what you say of danger, about many things going on right now, about secrets, and about Prometheus.

    Prometheus was a trickster. And he stole the secret of fire from the Gods. Is he a hero, bringing knowledge to humans? Or is he a demon, bringing about many of the problems of humanity?

    (The same could be asked of the nephilim, among others.).

    There are a lot of dangers in the story of Prometheus.

    If he is indeed a demon of sorts, causing problems for humanity, then he was a great danger for all of humanity.

    Given the punishment he received, he was certainly a danger to himself.

    The Gods considered him a danger as well - yet the danger wasn't the fire he took from them. It was that what he took diminished their perceived power (but not their actual power). The balance of power was brought closer together.

    There's another way to view this story.

    The secrets are out there for those who have the eyes to see. And those who come upon those secrets for themselves may be a danger to those who hold them. For the one who finds them has the secrets and all that they contain - but no oath to keep him from sharing the secrets with all.

    What he does have, though, is the ability to choose right from wrong for himself - and hopefully the connection with Godself which will help him choose his true "right", rather than one based from ego - based from his own false god.

    How is Prometheus viewed in the traditions related with Victor and Cora?

    Thinking of Prometheus as trickster - stories vary, but is there also a relation between all this and the story of Esu painting the sides of his face black and white and walking between the fields of the farmers who believe they are so secure in their belief of themselves, they feel they do not need to make their sacrifice?

  8. ah taking risks is fine unless you're risking others.
    and sure it's jungle out there. plenty dangerous.
    no need to create more dangers.
    but yes no risk no glory, if glory is what you're seeking.
    goes off singing "there's a man who leads a life of danger, to every one he meets he stays a stranger....."

  9. Ow! Yes!!! The hole in this post. Taking risks for yourself is fine, but to risk others? Now that's an interesting point that I can chew on for quite some time! My mind is already traveling in at least three different places.

  10. seagull42:

    I don't have anything right at hand about what V&C might have said about Prometheus. Unless you asked them about a specific deity, they tended to focus their teaching on Feri specific gods.

    I do have a lot of thoughts on Prometheus though. We should talk about it sometime.

  11. Anaar said:
    I do have a lot of thoughts on Prometheus though. We should talk about it sometime.

    I would love to talk more with you, whether that be about Prometheus, other ideas of yours, hearing more of V&C though one close to them, or just exchanging and comparing ideas. If nothing presents itself before, maybe we can at least talk at P-con about when we might have time to talk?

    Interesting to hear your reaction about leaving out the idea of risk and others - sometimes my trouble is worrying so much about what danger others might be put in by my mistakes or my power being out of balance (as I know only to well how true that is from experience...) I'm very hesitant about standing in power.

    While I'm here, I wanted to toss out an idea I've tossed out in a couple other places, to see what you think.

    If what is sometimes called "Demon" work is truly a part of Feri...
    Feri is now living out it's demon work through us.

  12. Yeah, there's actually a wealth of very cool things we could talk about. We should try to make some time to talk at P-Con. I'm thinking of having some sort of Feri Soiree at our room one night. I'll keep you posted about the details.

  13. No risk...no self reward. Agreed!!!
    Thought provoking post. Thank You.
    I choose risk. I face consequences. If another follows? Are they not in charge of themselves? Safety? ... Life is risk.

  14. Anaar said...
    I'm thinking of having some sort of Feri Soiree at our room one night. I'll keep you posted about the details.

    Thank you! That would be great. Let me know if you need contact information.

  15. Thank you for a thought provoking and inspiring post.

  16. Thanks for this, Anaar. The dangers are real. This is not ad-copy but truth. As adults we should be capable of assessing risks/dangers, taking proper precautions and accepting self responsibility. It's not really anyone else's job to keep us safe. Nor is it anyone else to decide what risks we should or should not be willing to enter into.

    I look forward to a discussion on "risking others."

  17. Thank you for this!


  18. Anaar, Your words on danger and risk touched deep in my heart. Yeah! Without danger, risk, we aren't living. And not accepting or understanding this, one lives in the illusion of 'safety'.