August 14, 2011

Terrible Magic

With all the strife in the world there’s been a lot of talk about magical workings.  It seems a number of people feel that the world’s ills can be basically attributed to negative magical workings.  On top of natural disasters, geo-political strife, global economic failures, we have rancor and blistering arguments among us causing a great divide. 

Sometimes we feel helpless over such overwhelming events.  Sometimes things seem so out of control it feels as if we are only stopping the gaps in our lives.  Sometimes we feel betrayed and friendless.  It’s no wonder that we feel as if there is a dark force out there and terrible magic has been let loose.

But we are good people right?  We are hard working, sensible, compassionate people who are doing all they can to better our situation.  We’ve looked to ourselves, meditated on our role in “the mess we’re in” and studied all the mundane reasons for our situation.  We’ve done everything we can, so it must be magic.

Well, I’m not here to doubt that.  I believe in magic.  I know it works.  If you say you have done all things possible in the mundane, and have worked hard to strengthen your being, I will not argue that it is magic.

What I’m here to say is “So what?”  Let’s just make that assumption.  Terrible* magic has been unleashed.  It is powerful enough to slowly erode your good life.  Well, what are you going to about it?  Are you powerless?

We are all witches.  We make magic.  We are magical beings.  We are descended of the gods and are Godbeings ourselves.  We are made of power and, whether you realize it or not, every act we make is power.  We are not subject to another, in any way, shape or form.  We are virgin forms, independent, unsullied by an angry hungry touch. 

Terrible magic has been unleashed.  Make some terrible magic of your own.  Rise up and stir the cauldron.  Focus your energies in keeping a cone about you.  Live in that cone.  The Fey are wild beings with great power, use it.  It is within you, it is inherent.  Take control, take it.  It’s already yours, it’s been waiting for you.

Take control.  Make Kala a daily exercise.  Continue to align your soul.  Work the Iron and Pearl.  Terrible magic requires a terrible price.  It requires that your daily “practice” becomes your entire life.  It requires that all you do become a conscious act of magic.  It requires you to transform your existence from the very core.  And it requires that you first know what that core is. 

Understand that your daily practice will not be enough to safely make terrible magic.  But if you want your life back, then take control.  Know who you truly are, know what you want and be clean about it.  Fight power with power.  As Victor would say “Just do it!”

* * terrible defined:  causing awe, or extremely formidable.


  1. Fair advice, yet I don't think most folks even have the inclination or the requisite training to do 'terrible' magic.
    Just peruse some of the comments around a simple hurdle such as the recent mercury retro. If one doesn't know or isn't able to surmount even that minor situation... it's not surprising if they feel helpless against more formidable influences.

  2. Amazing blogpost...have been looking forward to this!

    This is one of my most long-held gripes with magical communities...the lack of actually *doing* magic!!

    I don't know whether it is them trying to stay comfortable or not, but a lot of people overly rationalise and overly think about magic, instead of actually casting a spell to create some change!

    I like the idea of "keeping a cone" around you at all times...could you expand on that please? Feel free to private message me :)

  3. Has the plug been pulled on this blog ?

  4. Nope, I'm just terribly busy and I find writing a pretty torturous process. I'll get back to this as soon as my current crunch is over. It might help to have some suggestions on topics. Anybody out there with a really interesting question?

  5. Many Months later I have found this post, when I needed it apparently, and so I thank you. Thank you for your writing and sharing your opinions and ideas and magick and wisdom.

    Blessings to you and yours,